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Founded and maintained by the Giving Hungary Foundation, our theatre workshop is constantly expanding its repertoire with new and innovative performances.

These presentations can be divided into two groups: we will make presentations on the digital space, on connections, showing how it works in reality and the dangers it poses, holding up a mirror to today's youth to make them more aware of their use in this world.

The other group is the staging of contemporary and classical dramas and plays, with which we try to link to the Hungarian literature curriculum, so we can also help to enrich the treatment of the works as an unconventional Hungarian lesson.

Our presentations are open to anyone at our advertised times. The entry is free for teachers. In addition, private performances can be organised for schools or classes in our theatre hall, with travel to the venue if required. If you are unable to make an appointment for a live presentation, our internet safety presentations can also be recorded.

Our education policy: preserving value, creating value

Our school, Kölcsey Ferenc High school, is situated in Romania in the little town of Satu Mare, which due to its geographical location and its historical background, represents a culture cross of the three nationalities living here (Romanians, Hungarians and Germans). This heritage leads to cultural diversity which puts a stamp on our school’s everyday life. Our school is for the Hungarian minority, giving them the chance to be educated in their mother tongue and the spirit of Hungarian culture, yet placing emphasis on the surrounding Romanian culture as well. We pride ourselves of being a successful and innovative school of the region that combines traditional with modern, focusing on the curriculum but also being open-minded, providing an education which results in students ready to meet challenges. We prepare our students for their school leaving examination and life-long learning. We educate students from the age of 3 to 19, from kindergarten to high- level study. Our high school profile stands in teaching Mathematics, Informatics, Biology, languages (English, German and French) and social sciences. The number of our students has risen significantly in the past years, we have 1042 students to date from which 582 pupils attend high school. Our school shows an active and pro-active attitude towards preserving and prospering both local and national cultures and traditions.

We preserve the spirit of Kölcsey, our school's chosen motto is a goal for our students to follow: "Hate, create, enrich..." . We do not promise an easy journey for our students. We want to make our students to be proud of their culture but to be interested in finding out new ideas about other cultures as well. The other important aim is to compare the values and symbols of two different regions and ways of living: that of students who are living in a big city, and that of students from a little town, living in a multicultural background as members of a minority.

We believe that children and young people can and want to be


The 21st century technologies and digital media enable communication, collaboration, dialogue and debate at all levels of society. At the same time, progress that removes boundaries between citizens makes us more aware of our core values and our own worldview. Non-existent virtual borders test the respect of others, their opinions, their traditions, their religion.

We believe that digital citizenship education and interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral approaches equip young people with skills and promote tolerance and understanding which are so closely linked to acceptance, sensitivity and humility.

Digital Citizenship aims to change attitudes about what security means in a transparent digital world. Digital citizenship is about taking responsibility for your own behaviour in the online space.
We believe that children and young people can and want to be digitally smart.

Let's make it possible for them!

"Stand on our shoulders so we can see further!"

Abacusan Studio was established in 2008 by Fortune Hungary Kft. as its education services business, and in 2013. has been providing its services as an independent company since 2014 and as a non-profit limited liability company since 2014. 2013. became a member of the Association of Hungarian Talent Support Organisations Registered as a Talent Centre, 2017. accredited as an Outstanding Talent Centre in spring.

Our company organises educational, training, awareness-raising and family programmes, complex competitions and services for members of all age groups, as well as services for a useful and quality leisure time.

Focus on STEAM


The programmes focus on the areas of science, information technology, technology, mathematics and the arts, which are abbreviated STEAM in international pedagogical terminology,

but also with an emphasis on foreign languages and humanities and social sciences.

We constantly follow the innovative, new tools and methods of the STEAM field in Hungary and in international practice, and we present and apply them in our activities and competitions.

Talent management

We provide children from pre-school through to adulthood with enriching, enriching, talent and competence development services through a variety of informal learning methods.

Our programmes are open to all interested children.

Working together, we will launch additional talent programmes for children with outstanding abilities and motivation.

Our talent management programme is implemented at three interlocking levels, according to age groups and themes. Career guidance for secondary school students will be developed with the involvement and active participation of higher education institutions and companies.

Complex approach, personal development

Abacusan Studio's credo is that we strive for complexity in the content of our programmes.

With this approach, our aim is for the children who participate in our programmes to see the world around them, the sciences, as a whole, in their context, to learn more about their chosen field, and to discover new approaches to the sciences by seeing them in a new light.

It is our belief that special attention should be paid to the development and motivation of children with specific skill limitations (e.g. dyslexia, hyperactivity). We are supported in this by excellent, recognised professionals.

When designing programmes, we strive to ensure that each child who takes part in them can make the most of their skills and abilities.

This ambition is supported by the complexity of the tasks and the team competition.

We also make the development of children's competences a priority in our programmes.

When designing the themes, setting the tasks and planning the working methods of the activities, we aim to develop social competences, text comprehension, fine motor skills, logical thinking and environmental awareness.